the case of st_geometry in Enterprise Geodatabase design

st_geometry is one of ESRI Geodatabase storage format for Oracle database environment.

This geometry has the following highlights:

  • st_geometry is the “default” geometry storage for creating an enterprise geodatabase in Oracle DB.


  • If you migrated your storage from sdelob to stgeometry you’ll need to recreate your multiversion view because the structure is different.


  • Drop the users using the ST_GEOMETRY, before dropping the SDE user, not the other way around.Otherwise you will face ORA-21700: object does not exist or is marked for delete and as a consequence your Oracle instance is corrupted.


  • User defined data types such as (st_geometry) has issues with export/import database dump process in oracle.

Remark: some of these highlights are my “own” technical observation, and some are referenced by ESRI technical documentation.


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