Oracle Patch Update for October 2014 and ArcSDE Geodatabase

if you have applied the latest Oracle Security Patches released in October 2014 to your enterprise database. You need to roll back the patch OR grant elevated permissions.

for myself, i have granted each geodatabase user the “select” permission to the view “v_$parameter” and it fixed the problem. Of course, this is a workaround but not advisable implementation from security perspective since the normal oracle/geodaabase account should not have permission on this view.

The Bug ID Number is: BUG-000082555

ESRI Link for this issue:

i will update my blog  whenever esri provides a permanent fix.

Update **** 11 November 2014 ****

Esri Provided a patch fixing the issue for multiple ArcGIS Versions:

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How to install the SQL Loader for Oracle 11g

In order to install SQL Loader you need first to install Oracle 11g Client on your machine.

1. after that invoke the OUI (Oracle Universal Installer) , you can see check the OUI in windows under starts—->programs—> Oracle Client. (Make sure to run OUI as “administrator“, by right clicking on the OUI).

2. Then Choose the file path where you want to install the SQL Loader in.

3. choose “custom” instillation type.

4. In “Available Product Component” list choose “Oracle Database Utilities” check box
5.Press next button to install this component.

the below image snapshots are used for visual illustration:


Click “NEXT”


Then Choose “Custom”


Then Choose the appropriate path


Choose “Oracle Database Utilities” where Oracle SQL Loader is part of it.


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ORA-01693: max # extents (120) reached in lob segment

one of the developers have faced the below error in his application:

ORA-01693: max # extents (120) reached in lob segment SCHEMA1.SYS_LOB0000377024C00009

This error is caused by the LOB segment ran out of database space.

To resolve this:

first, make sure that your tablespace of schema1 is sufficient enough.

Second, use the below query to find out more information about the segment:

from dba_segments
where segment_name = ‘SYS_LOB0000705396C00006$$’;

Final step: increase the “maxextent” for the lob segment by using the below command:



Remark: “ATTACH_DOC”  is the column in the table that is stored in “LOB” format.

Hope This will help.