Oracle Database Product Life Cycle Support 19c,18c, 12cR2 Long Term & Innovation Releases !

*** This post has been updated in August 2021 *****

Oracle has just changed their product life cycle support for their database technology especially.

There are two types of releases now: Long Term Release , and Innovation Release

Long Term Release:  are ideal for use cases that benefit from less frequent upgrades to newer releases. This type of release offers highest stability. The long term release will have 5 years of Premier Support.

Innovation Release:  is a release between long term releases. This type of releases will provide new enhancements and capabilities. it will have short period of Premier support which is 2 years. The idea here is to provide cutting edge technologies for rapidly evolving technologies.

updated in August 2021 the following are support dates:

Oracle 12cR2 support will end 31st March 2022

Oracle 18c (is considered innovation release now !!): 8th June 2021 (already out of support)

Oracle 19c (long term release): 19c Premier Support (PS) ends April 30, 2024, Extended Support (ES) fees will be required beginning May 01, 2024 through April 30, 2027

Oracle 21c (innovation release):  April 30, 2024



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