Performing Import Data Pump with EXCLUDE=STATISTICS

some DBA’s use EXCLUDE=STATISTICS parameter in their import datapump command in order to speed up the import process.

*** example of impdp command:
impdp power_user/power43b Directory=DUMP_DIR Dumpfile=Exp_schema.dmp Logfile=Exp.log EXCLUDE=STATISTICS
However, in reality indexes created while importing are “analyzed” automatically, and this is performed by design. Only tables that are not going to be “analyzed” while importing.

the reason behind that is there is a hidden parameter called “_optimizer_compute_index_stats” is set to “TRUE“.
its not advisable that you manipulate Oracle hidden parameters, you need to consult Oracle and open SR with them in case you need their consultation.

to check that indexes were analyzed after the import, use the sql query:

SQL> select OWNER, INDEX_NAME, TABLE_NAME, LAST_ANALYZED from dba_indexes where OWNER=’power_user’;

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