Oracle database premier support for Oracle 12cR1,12cR2,18c,19c

Important Note [MAY 2020], the updated dates can be found here:

As a DBA you need to regularly check and review Oracle Support Matrix especially if you have a big infrastructure with mixed Oracle database releases. Also, its very important from a cost perspective as (it depends on your contract with Oracle), to avoid “Paid Extended Support”.

What can be read from different Oracle resource 18c & 19c are considered under 12.2 release umbrella.

To the date of writing this blog (December 15 2018), the following are support dates:

Oracle Support Dates

So 19c is considered the long term support !


Release Schedule of Current Database Releases (Doc ID 742060.1)



Oracle 18c sqlplus new features

This is a short blog about new features introduced in Oracle 18c sqlplus ….that could be helpful for you !


The objective of this command is to display certain number of rows, especially with large tables


In the below example the COUNTRIES table has 25 records, when I set ROWLIMIT to 3 , only three rows will be displayed when querying the table (the first 3 rows)


The below command will display the current setting:



This command will return the sql_id for the SQL or PL/SQL statements that is currently being executed. This will consequently help in debugging activities.

As shown below the executed query will generate the SQL_ID with the query result:


You can check it from v$sql by executing:

SQL> SELECT sql_text,sql_id FROM v$sql WHERE sql_id = ‘agjjdvhgdzd1q’;