Oracle PSU July 2018 error – ORA-20001: Latest xml inventory is not loaded into table

while applying latest Oracle PSU released in July 2018 for release i have faced the following when i reached the “data patch” level:

myhostt1:orax1> ./datapatch -verbose

SQL Patching tool version Production on Thu Jul 19 10:53:37 2018

Copyright (c) 2012, 2016, Oracle.  All rights reserved.

Log file for this invocation: /oracle/orax1/cfgtoollogs/sqlpatch/sqlpatch_109246_2018_07_19_10_53_37/sqlpatch_invocation.log

Connecting to database…OK

Bootstrapping registry and package to current versions…done

Queryable inventory could not determine the current opatch status.

Execute ‘select dbms_sqlpatch.verify_queryable_inventory from dual’

and/or check the invocation log


for the complete error.

Prereq check failed, exiting without installing any patches.

Please refer to MOS Note 1609718.1 and/or the invocation log


for information on how to resolve the above errors.

SQL Patching tool complete on Thu Jul 19 10:53:41 2018

if you try to execute the following query:

SQL> select * from OPATCH_XML_INV ;


ORA-29913: error in executing ODCIEXTTABLEFETCH callout

ORA-29400: data cartridge error

KUP-04004: error while reading file



SQL> select dbms_sqlpatch.verify_queryable_inventory from dual;

ORA-20001: Latest xml inventory is not loaded into table



first, you need to download the latest OPatch utility

second, the error i have faced due to that i am invoking the opatch utility outside ORACLE_HOME…… now you need copy it in your oracle home directory ( its a must ! )

mv $ORACLE_HOME/OPatch.orig
mkdir OPatch
cd OPatch
scp -r /newopatch/OPatch/* .

a good reference is Doc ID 1602089.1


impdp oracle error ORA-01000: maximum open cursors exceeded

my current environment were the problem was faced in:

Oracle 12cR1 (

Linux Red Hat 7.4

The following errors were thrown in the import (impdp) log file :

ORA-39014: One or more workers have prematurely exited.

ORA-39029: worker 1 with process name “DW00” prematurely terminated

ORA-31671: Worker process DW00 had an unhandled exception.

ORA-01000: maximum open cursors exceeded

ORA-06512: at “SYS.KUPC$QUEUE_INT”, line 254

ORA-06512: at “SYS.KUPW$WORKER”, line 2157

ORA-01000: maximum open cursors exceeded

ORA-06512: at “SYS.KUPW$WORKER”, line 4700

ORA-01000: maximum open cursors exceeded

ORA-06512: at “SYS.KUPW$WORKER”, line 23341

To resolve this problem …you have three options:

Apply ORACLE DATABASE Patch for Bug# 23278750 for Linux-x86-64 Platforms 


Upgrade to 🙂


 Set the OPEN_CURSORS parameter to a value equal to or greater than the total number of indexes being imported