installation/deinstallation of Oracle Text in Oracle 12c

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In Oracle 12c Database you can’t manually install or de-install Oracle Text component (anymore), if your database was upgraded from 11g to 12c with Oracle Text component already installed then you are OK.

To install in 12c , you will be using DBCA (Database Configuration Assistance):

*** Command Line silent approach (syntax):

dbca -silent -configureDatabase -sourceDB <db unique name for RAC or SID for Single Instance db> -sysDBAUserName <user name with SYSDBA privileges> -sysDBAPassword <password for sysDBAUserName user name>] -addDBOption ORACLE_TEXT

ora47> dbca -silent -configureDatabase  -SourceDB ora47 -sysDBAUsername sys -addDBOption ORACLE_TEXT

Preparing to Configure Database

4% complete

8% complete

40% complete

Adding Oracle Text

44% complete

45% complete

46% complete

47% complete

48% complete

49% complete

50% complete

51% complete

52% complete

53% complete

54% complete

55% complete

56% complete

57% complete

58% complete

59% complete

60% complete

61% complete

62% complete

63% complete

64% complete

65% complete

66% complete

67% complete

68% complete

69% complete

70% complete

71% complete

72% complete

73% complete

74% complete

75% complete

76% complete

77% complete

78% complete

79% complete

80% complete

Completing Database Configuration

100% complete

Look at the log file “/ora47/ora47/cfgtoollogs/dbca/ora47/ora47.log” for further details.

*** GUI interface:

cd /etc

vi oratab

//add your database SID:ORACLE_HOME

ora47:/oraclex/ ora47/product/12.1.0:N

export DISPLAY=PC_SICO:0.0












If you face the above the problem, then you need grant  execute the following system packages to “PUBLIC” :


SQL> grant execute on sys.dbms_sql to public;


SQL> grant execute on sys.dbms_job to public;


SQL> grant execute on sys.dbms_lob to public;

and that is it….you have successfully installed Oracle Text.

select * from dba_registry where COMP_ID=’CONTEXT’ ;


if you want to de-install the Oracle TEXT component you can use DBCA again and “uncheck” the component.


if whaever reason you couldn’t do that then use the traditional 11g way:

SQL>drop procedure sys.validate_context;


select comp_id, comp_name, version, status from dba_registry where COMP_ID=’CONTEXT’;
SELECT object_name FROM dba_objects WHERE status = ‘INVALID’;