connecting using ‘SYS’ user from client machine

in order to connect using ‘SYS’ account from your local machine to the Oracle database, you need to follow the following steps:

1. create a password file, using the command:

orapwd file=orapwsid  password=xxxxx entries=Z


this command should be executed under the directory: $ORACLE_HOME/dbs where your init.ora is located

orapwsid: where you need to append the database SID in the name, which is a standrd conversion naming for the password file that must be used.

Z: represents the number of oracle users that needs to be granted the SYSDBA privilege

just type the following command and it will list for you the parameters in details: orapwd

2. edit the init.ora file under $ORACLE_HOME/dbs

change the parameter “remote_login_passwordfile” to “exclusive”

SQL> show parameter password

—————————– ———– ———-
remote_login_passwordfile string EXCLUSIVE

3. grant ‘sysdba’ privilege to the oracle account you are seeking.


for example,

SQL> grant sysdba to db_user;



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