ora-13282 failure on initialization of coordinate transformation

before going to the solution part, execute the following verification queries to make sure your Oracle spatial component is valid:

select comp_name,version_status from dba_registry;

select * from dba_objects where status <> ‘VALID’ and owner=’MDSYS’;


Solution Steps:

you need to Correct the WKT strings as follows:

1. Connect as SYSTEM, SYS or MDSYS

2. execute the command:
alter session set nls_numeric_characters = ‘.,’;

3. Regenerate the WKTs for all EPSG coordinate systems using the following command:
execute sdo_cs.update_wkts_for_all_epsg_crs;

4. Now, try to execute the following query:
select SDO_CS.TRANSFORM(SDO_GEOMETRY(2001,41015,NULL,MDSYS.SDO_ELEM_INFO_ARRAY(1,1,1,3,1,0),MDSYS.SDO_ORDINATE_ARRAY(813483.176346326,83853.5516374355,1,1.42608769437217E-8)),27572) from dual;

if it executes successfully then…..your problem has been resolved 🙂


Remark: please note that i didn’t face this error (ora-13282) with Oracle  version


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