Unplugging a database

Here i am exploring the concept of unplugging a database in 12c multi-tenant setup architecture.

SQL> alter pluggable database pdb2 unplug into ‘/oracle/DCE/pdb2_unplug.xml’;

unplug sql query

If you query:

select * from cdb_pdbs;

database status changed to —–> UNPLUGGED

database status unplugged

The database is unplugged but not dropped and you can still see it any many data dictionary views:


To drop pluggable database:


drop pluggale database

Checking the data dictionary, the pluggable database doesn’t exist anymore:

query fo pluggable status

***** Its important to know that unplugging the database could cause problems while patching/upgrading, so its better to drop your database before applying any patches to avoid problems.

Hope this information is useful.

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