ORA-01110 ORA-01157

******* PROBLEM:

a data file was added on the primary database table space and the standby database was configured with

MANUAL” file management:

SQL> show parameter standby

NAME                                 TYPE        VALUE

———————————— ———– ——————————

standby_archive_dest                 string      ?/dbs/arch

standby_file_management              string      MANUAL


this will lead to the following errors being thrown while applying archive logs (syncing the database with standby database):


ORA-01110: data file 2: ‘F:\ORACLE\PRODUCT\12.1.0\DB_1\DATABASE\UNNAMED00002’

ORA-01157:cannot identify/lock data file 2 – see DBWR trace file

ORA-01111: name for data file 2 is unknown – rename to correct file

******* SOLUTION:

execute the following query to find out the data file location on the primary database:

SQL> select file#,name from v$datafile where file#=2;


execute the following on the standby database:

SQL> alter database create datafile ‘F:\ORACLE\PRODUCT\12.1.0\DB_1\DATABASE\UNNAMED00002’ as ‘G:\DATAFILE\DBF2\ORAD12D01.ORA’ ;


then put the database on automatic file management mode on the standby (if you are using init.ora text file add the entry to ensure consistency in restarts):

SQL> alter system set standby_file_management=AUTO;




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