Oracle 18c installation in Linux

in this blog post i will describe the necessary steps to install Oracle 18c in Linux Red Hat.

First, pre-requisite steps:

check that all packages required are installed, check the following link as reference:

Kernel values:

Another way to check pre-requisites is ORACHK tool , this tool can be downloaded from Oracle Support Doc ID 1268927.2.

copy the zip folder downloaded for ORACHK to database file system:


To check Installation Readiness, execute the following:

./orachk -profile preinstall

To check Upgrade Readiness, execute the following:

./orachk -u -o pre

Second, Installation using GUI:

reconfigure your profile to point to Oracle 18c binaries (new home).

use the following command to unzip the binaries:

unzip -q /oracle/app/ -d /oracle/ora15/product/18.3


cd /oracle/ora15/product/18.3










Third, Silent Installation Option:

please note that you need to edit(modify) the file db_reponse_tmp.rsp located under $ORACLE_HOME/install/response

*** checking prerequisites before installation :

$ORACLE_HOME/runInstaller -silent -executePrereqs -responseFile $ORACLE_HOME/install/response/db_reponse_tmp.rsp

*** Silent Installation :

$ORACLE_HOME/runInstaller -silent -responseFile $ORACLE_HOME/install/response/db_reponse_tmp.rsp


you will need to run

























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