Installing Oracle Database 12c in IBM AIX environment

The following is a “general purpose” procedure for 12cR1 binary instillation on AIX environment. you still need to refer to Oracle official documentation for further details and clarification.

******** Pre-requisites:

1. Operating System:

Oracle recommends that you install on AIX 6.1 Technology Level 9 or later.

AIX 7.1 Technology Level 1 Service Pack 3 (“7100-01-03-1207”) or later, 64-bit kernel

Note: You can install on AIX 7.1 Technology Level 1, but Oracle recommends that you install on AIX 7.1 Technology Level 3 or later.

2. User Profile , make sure that your profile is referencing to the right new Oracle Home.

3. check your Oracle Inventory file and the correct path.

Instillation Process:

Start the installation by running ./runInstaller from the installation directory



Choose “YES”


choose “skip software updates”




8 - original

15 14 - original 13 12 - original 10 9 8 - original 6 5 4 2 1 3


Oracle Security Patch OCT 2013 ( Applying on IBM AIX)

Oracle fourth quarter security patch (OCT 2013) has been released.

while applying the oracle security patch on the following current setup environment:

Oracle Database 11g (


the following errors are being thrown while applying the patch:

You have not provided an email address for notification of security issues.

Do you wish to remain uninformed of security issues ([Y]es, [N]o) [N]:  Yes

Please shutdown Oracle instances running out of this ORACLE_HOME on the local system.

(Oracle Home = ‘/oraclex/oradb/product/‘)

Verifying the update…

There are 1 copy files under ORACLE_HOME that are not patched.

Files check failed: Some files under ORACLE_HOME are not patched. Please see log file for details.

ApplySession failed in system modification phase… ‘Verification of patch failed: Files are not updated completely.’

Restoring “/oraclex/oradb/product/” to the state prior to running NApply…

OPatch failed to restore the files from backup area. Not running “make”.

NApply was not able to restore the home.  Please invoke the following scripts:

– restore.[sh,bat]

– make.txt (Unix only)

to restore the ORACLE_HOME.  They are located under


UtilSession failed: ApplySession failed in system modification phase… ‘Verification of patch failed: Files are not updated completely.’Log file location: /oraclex/oradb/product/ failed with error code 73

The Solution of this problem is the following:

before applying the Oracle Security Patch, Run “slibclean” on your Unix IBM AIX server.

Also make sure that no processes are still running in the database such as “listener”.

command used: /usr/sbin/slibclean

Refrence Link for slibclean command: